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Effective HR communications are a critical part of business success. It doesn’t matter how many people you employ (or need to employ) or what they do. Your messages must be clearly expressed and easily understood. 


How can human resources copywriting help you? 


You may think your job adverts are appealing. But will they attract the right applicants? Is your recruitment copy so detailed that candidates will not read through it all? Or is it too generalised - in which case it'll fail to stand out and catch the eye of the perfect candidate? You may need policies and procedures in your business. They must be meaningful to employees as well as serving other purposes like achieving quality standards. And, of course, when you're writing your HR communications and documents, you must also pay attention to the increasingly complex requirements of UK employment law. 


Grangewood Copywriting offers a professional HR copywriting service from a highly experienced human resources practitioner so you'll be in expert hands. 


Even though I'm based in Flintshire, near Chester and Wrexham, I can help you with your HR copywriting wherever you're located. In addition to my other copywriting services available, some examples of ways I can help you include:


  • Human resources blogs and articles
  • Organisation and training documents (including policies and procedures)
  • Resources and recruitment writing (including adverts and job descriptions)
  • Human resources announcements/ business communications
  • CV writing


I cannot recommend Debbie of Grangewood Copywriting highly enough.


 Our website was launched in December 2013 to promote the online recruitment advertising and applicant testing services we provide to employers across the UK. However, substantial feedback from our website visitors made it apparent that the content was not clear and concise to reflect the effective and comprehensive services we provide, and importantly the great benefit and value our clients gain.


Debbie has been instrumental in changes we have made, opening our eyes to view from the readers' perspectives and focusing on the benefits to them, rather than just stating what we do. No doubt this new approach will generate more business opportunities for us.


 Debbie is not only a competent HR copywriter, she also has a wealth of HR experience and this is complemented by her approachable and honest personality, which enabled us to gain great value from the experience. I look forward to working with Debbie again in the future.


 Cath Harrison, Managing Director -


Find out more about human resources copywriting services available by emailing Grangewood Copywriting. Or call 07904 245751 to discuss any specific HR copywriting requirements you have.

If you'd like a chat about any copywriting you need, please do get in touch. I'm always happy to put together some initial ideas and give any advice I can. Although I'm based in Flintshire, north Wales, I work for copywriting clients all around the UK.


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